Jane Parson Sampler Pattern 1841 Printed Version

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  • I found the Jane Parson Sampler in an antique shop in Massachusetts, only about two hours from where Jane was born in
    Hinsdale MA in June of 1823. Her being somewhat older (18) when she stitched this sampler explains the exactness of it: the
    border, the spaces between stitches, and the symmetry and composition. So many sampler stitchers have difficulties aligning
    their border perfectly and symmetrically all the way around, Jane had this mastered.

  • There are several variations for this sampler.
    Floss choices are two DMC versions, the front of the sampler and the none faded back of the sampler. Additionally, I am
    including the colors for Au ver a soie Fine d'Aubusson Wool as the original was stitched in wool.
    The original sampler is wool on roughly 30ct linen with the original size being 9.25 x 10.5 On 28ct the finished piece will be
    10 x 11.5.
    If you are using wool I would not go smaller than 28ct otherwise the wool will be too thick, especially if you are planning on
    stitching over-one. It might be doable in 32ct if you choose to stitch the over-one section as a half cross stitch,
    If using floss you can choose to stitch on a tiny count (measurements below)
    16/32ct - 8.75 x 10 inches + 6 inches all around
    18/36ct - 7.75 x 8.75 inches + 6 inches all around
    20/40ct - 7 x 8 inches + 6 inches all around
    46ct linen - 6 X 7 inches + 6 inches all around
    The stitched Area: is 140 stitches wide by 159 stitches high
    **The floss version model is stitched on 32ct beautiful beige linen, and the wool model is 28ct tea dyed Irish linen.
    At the end of the charts is the alphabet in the colors it was originally stitched before it was "fixed" in some areas with silk
    threads. This is entirely optional.
    Thread Legend is on the last page.
    I strand of wool or 1- 2 strands of floss depending on the fabric count you choose.
    The second chart has the over-one section converted to regular cross stitch omitting the words "Her Work" and slightly
    enlarging the wreath to fit Jane's name in regular cross stitch.

    The pattern consists of a color image of the finished design, instructions, and a list of floss colors; A color & black and white symbol chart spread over several A4 sheets for printing. A single page of the pattern is also included.

    Thank you and happy stitching!

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