Catharine Van Boskirks Sampler Pattern 1825 Printed Version

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  • Young Catharine Van Boskirks embroidered this American sampler ca. 1825 when she was only 15 years old. The adorable beehives and snowdrops are what drew me to this sampler instantly. It was stitched with silk thread on linen fabric. It is a one-of-a-kind antique piece and it is beautiful as it is. Since this will be a new addition, I adjusted some of the stitches to fit current designs. We can leave all the quirkiness in honor of sweet Catharine who made it unique.

  • You will receive a printed version of the pattern with free domestic shipping.

    The measurements given in the pattern are for 14/28 ct fabric. It also lends itself to Aida cloth as it uses only cross stitch and a few back stitches.

     Design Area: 247 Wide stitches wide by 179 stitches high.

    17-3/4 inches (44.8cm) wide by 12-3/4 inches (32.5cm) high

    Fabric Size: 24 inches (60cm) 19 inches (48cm) high this includes 3 inches (8cm) allowance on all sides for finishing or framing

    The pattern consists of a color image of the finished design, instructions, and a list of floss colors; A color & black and white symbol chart spread over several A4 sheets for printing.

    Thank you and happy stitching!

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